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An old client of Dream Greener Landscape wanted to create a new lawn in her backyard in Alpharetta, GA. She wanted a beautiful Bermuda grass lawn, so we did a sod installation on her property. We turned her patchy yard into one even flowing field of the greenest grass in the neighborhood. When we were all finished, it was fun to watch the reactions of the neighbors as they drove by. Sure enough, the next month, our customer won the yard of the month award in her neighborhood.

If you’re tired of looking at the same old yard and want to fresh start, call Dream Greener Landscape. We’ll come by and give you a free evaluation of your business or home, and tell you exactly what it would take to create the yard of your dreams.

Our Landscapers Make “Yard Envy” A Thing

For more than 17 years, we’ve been working with our clients all around town to help them create “yard envy” in their neighbors. In fact, we often get referrals from clients after their neighbors ask for their lawn care secrets. Our landscapers have the experience and no-how to help you turn even the most barren looking yards into luscious landscapes.

We have happy clients all around the North Fulton area including Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Suwanee, Cumming, and Milton. Call us today and let our landscaping turn your yard into the yard of your dreams. With our sod installation, we’ll lay the foundation and go from there!

Sod Installation That You Can Afford In Suwanee GA

Quality Sod Installation in Alpharetta & Johns Creek GA That Is Trustworthy

Many houses tend to have troublesome bare patches or barren areas of dirt that refuse to allow your grass to grow properly. Fortunately, we at Dream Greener provide sod installations to aid in repairing your yard’s appearance and to ensure healthy growth, creating the lush yard you deserve. 

With sod, any imperfections within your yard’s grass can be easily mended. Here at Dream Greener, we offer professional sod work at an affordable cost so that you can make your yard beautiful again.

Benefits of Sod Installation Georgia

Many times, growing grass yourself becomes an infuriating task that results in little success. The easy installation of sod provides a wonderful alternative compared to the difficult task of attempting to plant and nurture grass seed to your specifications.

Sod is pre-planted grass with soil that is held together by roots; this is then cut into strips or pieces to allow easy placement. By using already grown grass, you can have an evenly grown lawn within weeks of placement! Not only does sod allow balanced and quick growth, but oftentimes this grass tends to be longer and lusher than other types of grasses.

In addition to the even growth and lush texture, sod tends to be more reliable than seed and requires less watering, making it ideal for homeowners. Furthermore, sod grows much faster than seed, providing you with a full and healthy lawn within a matter of weeks rather than months; this also means that sod can be planted practically any time of the year.

Types of Sod Available

Here at Dream Greener, we provide a variety of sod selections to choose from, including some of the most popular options such as:

  • Bermuda

  • Zoysia

  • Centipede

  • Fescue

Many other options are available in addition to the types listed above to suit your desired taste.

Sod Installation Alpharetta Georgia

Sod installation requires a series of steps to ensure proper placement and growth.

To begin the sod installation process, the desired area in which the sod will be placed needs to be cleared of all previous grass; this is occasionally referred to as tilling. After this process is complete, the ground will be hand-raked to remove any rocks or obstacles that may limit the sod’s ability to grow properly and fertilizer will be added to ensure a healthy lawn. Once the area is cleared and prepped for installation, sod is placed and cut to the precise measurements of your yard to guarantee quality appearances. To complete the process, the sod is rolled, ensuring correct placement and contact with the earth to enhance and enable growth.

SOD Installation Pricing

The cost for sod installation may vary depending upon the following factors:

  • Amount of area to be covered

  • Type of sod

Depending upon the two variables listed above, prices may vary for individual clients.

About Dream Greener

Here at Dream Greener, we have been happily serving satisfied customers throughout Suwanee, Johns Creek, and Alpharetta.  Call us today at (404) 476-5942 to begin the lawn renovations you have always desired at an affordable cost!