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You may have fought the good fight. You’ve probably spent time mowing, weeding, edging, mowing some more, trimming hedges, pruning, wrestling with all the lawn & garden equipment, cleaning up, cussing and complaining. We’ve all experienced the highs and lows of yard work. But, if you’d rather have more free time in your life and less yard work, it’s time to call Dream Greener Landscape. We’re the landscaping company that can give you your weekends back.

Since 1998, Dream Greener Landscape has been turning backyards into mini-vacation spots. We’re a local landscape company that is proud to provide Professional Landscaping, Lawn Maintenance, Irrigation Repair and installation, and Retaining Wall installation services all around the beautiful towns of Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Cumming, Milton, Suwanee, and Norcross.

“Dream Greener did a great job with the recent cleanup of our front lawn, which included removing some overgrown plantings that were nearly 20 years old. We'll definitely call on them again the next time we're ready to tackle a large landscaping project!.”
Mike Barnhouse

Professional Landscaping Services

Far too often, local landscaping contractors have been nothing more than some guys with lawn mowers, but that’s not us. At Dream Greener Landscape, our owner, Brian, has a degree in horticulture and frankly, he’s a landscaper with a passion for producing healthy, beautiful yards. We pride ourselves on our vast knowledge and experience when it comes to creating yards that turn heads.


Landscaping Services That Our Customers Love

Our customers rave about us. Many have said we’ve turned their “wasteland” into a backyard paradise. All we know is that we love what we do, and we’d love to show you what we can do to beautify your yard. We will provide guaranteed quality services to you, and our staff works hard to ensure that any and every experience is a positive one. We provide many of the essential landscaping services that will make any home or business stand out! We invite you to browse our list below and see which of our services is right for you!


Lawn Care Too!

Lawn care is meant to make your home look pristine. Enjoy the beautiful green grass and edged lawn of your home just as it always should be. Never again will you have to work hard to get a beautiful lawn. Dream Greener Lawn Care & Landscaping is meant to take the weight off of your shoulders. We know what busy lives we all live and we want to assure that when you come home from a long day’s work, your home sweet home is waiting for you with a welcoming lawn. We are committed to getting the job done right along with providing the services you need.


Affordable Landscaping

Every customer of ours is different. If our customer needs to hedge some bushes or trim a few trees then we are more than happy to do so.  We service our customer relationships in order to maintain service satisfaction guaranteed. We do our best to make sure no lawn care customer is left behind. Get a better-looking yard with service that will be committed to excellent results. At Dream Greener, landscaping is our specialty, no matter how big or small your lawn is we will be able to design and maintain the landscape to look as good as ever. We can make a simple yard become a masterpiece Let us amaze you with what we can do to your yard!


Proud Landscapers For Johns Creek & Beyond!

We’re thrilled to be the Lifestyle Magazine Reader’s Choice winners for Johns Creek for 2017! Thank you! We’re just doing our part to keep your homes and yards looking good!

Affordable Landscaping Near Me

Our goal is to be the best in the landscaping industry. To make this happen, we offer a variety of landscape services beyond landscape design. We also provide basic lawn care as well as hardscaping and even irrigation installation. Need a sprinkler system put in your yard? We’re the ones to call.

Ready to create the yard of your dreams? Call us today and let’s get started!

Landscaping Made Simple!

We believe every yard should have a little landscaping design. Let our landscape designers discuss ideas that will turn your yard into a backyard paradise. Make your home one that the whole family can love.

We offer a variety of landscaping services that you can utilize as needed. These services include:

  • Pruning
  • Leaf Removal
  • Pine Straw Installation
  • Mulch Installation
  • One time Clean Ups
  • Plant and Tree Installations
  • Flower Bed Renovations
  • Landscape Irrigation Installations
  • Lawn Aerating and Re-seeding

When you’re ready to have the perfect yard, you’re ready to call Dream Greener Landscape. Let us help you design and maintain the yard of your dreams.

Quality Landscaping Services for Homeowners and Business Owners

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Why you should choose Dream Greener Landscaping

Dream Greener Landscaping & Lawn has a professional background in horticulture and landscaping care. We value our customer relationships and enjoy making your home or business look great. Dream Greener Landscaping team enjoys what we do for a living and we hope you can appreciate the contribution that we can add to your life. Enjoy simpler solutions that can make your home or business landscape look great!

The services we provide are effective for any lawn care whether you’re looking for a one-time clean-up or a routine maintenance up-keep. Give us a call to see how we can help you (404) 476-5942

Routine Lawn Care in Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Suwanee, Cumming & Milton, GA

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The Easiest Way to Maintain Lawn Care Is to Hire a Professional.

Make the best of your time enjoying your home and landscape with friends and family rather than working to care for your lawn/landscape throughout the week! It doesn’t take much to ruin your lawn, some bad weather, wear n tear, or even overgrowth of vegetation can impose issues to the aesthetics and functionality of a lawn or landscape. Nobody wants to have to keep up with their yard on a day to day basis so why not just hire someone to manage it for you. Your homeowner’s association will be proud to have you as a neighbor and will welcome you with open arms as long as you keep your landscape neat and tidy. Don’t delay to get Dream Greener quality routine landscaping lawn care services that will make your house look awesome! As soon as we get the call we will be ready to put our lawn care services into action. Get lawn care maintenance near you and see the difference of a brighter and fresher landscape turned on a new leaf. Your home and peers will appreciate the fact that you actually care about the way your lawn looks. Be proud of your home’s landscape and notice the difference today. Call Dream Greener Landscaping & Lawn Care near you 404-604-0799.

Looking for the “Best Landscapers  Near Me”?

Landscaping & Hardscaping in Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Suwanee, Cumming, and Milton, GA

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Turn your neighbors green with envy! Quality and consistent landscaping will make your home an eye-catcher. Neighbors will likely admire your beautiful home and perhaps follow in your footsteps. Get the best in lawn care today, call Dream Greener Landscaping for all your lawn care needs and services. Give us a call and turn your home into a paradise (404) 476-5942.

Lawn Care Storm Cleanup in Alpharetta and Johns Creek Georgia

After rough weather and tiresome storms, your yards will look a mess. With every service and every job, we take into account things other landscaping companies don’t often think of. We’re ready to meet the challenges of the growing concerns about the environment, water shortages, and tight budgets. These issues are considered in how we approach every job. We believe it’s what helps us maintain our reputation for high quality and customer satisfaction.

Lawn Care Services You’ll Love!

When it comes to making your yard look great, look no further than the landscapers at Dream Greener Landscape. Since 1998, we’ve been working with business and homeowners around Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton, Cumming & Suwanee to make them proud of their yards again.

SOD Installations & Retaining Wall Installations

If you’ve had your eye on that “yard of the month” sign, it’s time for action. With our lawn care services and landscaping ideas, we’ll get your yard noticed in no time. With proper irrigation and our landscaping, we’ll give you the yard of your dreams. Talk to one of our landscapers today!
With any landscaping project, Dreamer Greener can handle any challenge.

From all necessary landscaping changes to a remedy for severe irrigation drainage issues to creating a landscape for the residential house that provides a shaded pave stone landscape space, or replacing a large lawn with low-water use plants to qualify for a city rebate, Dream Greener has the experience to complete any landscaping project. When you want landscape design and installation, give us a call. We do it all. As a design/build company, Dream Greener landscape design team and landscape construction crews work to raise the time of all installation landscape projects.

Landscaper services offer a premium choice for those who live in Johns Creek, Duluth, Alpharetta, Suwanee, Cumming, Milton.

When you get quality landscape service, you will see the difference it can make in for your home. Having someone reliable to service landscape management can be very benefiting for a homeowner. Call us and find out how our landscape maintenance and landscape installation services can help make the home of your dreams! When you get quality landscape service, you will see the difference it can make in for your home. Having someone reliable to service landscape management can be very benefiting for a homeowner.

Call us and find out how our landscape maintenance and landscape installation services can help make the home of your dreams! Every day the season’s change, the leaves fall, the grass grows, the weather changes and your lawn soon becomes a bush jungle full of wildlife and crazy growing shrubs.

Get Affordable Landscaping Services Near Me!

Considering the growth and growing lawns around your home, maybe it is time to clean up the place and get quality workmanship with full-service landscaping and gardening. Our landscape designers are able to get your home looking fresh and impressive so you can enjoy your garden, lawn, patio, walkways and so much more! Our team of landscape managers will work to service multiple facets of landscape features. Planting beautiful green trees, vibrant flowers, gardening horticulture systems, or pruning currently planted trees and bushes are some of the services we provide. We also service mulch and turf management so you can enjoy the yard the way you planned it.  We work on hardscaping feature as well! A lawn is nice but walking through the tall grass or dragging your feet through the weeds can damage the design of a landscape. Get beautiful walkways that help you to travel a path from the road to the front door. Maybe along the walkway, you would like to have an elegant water feature such as a pond or water fountain that flows from a body of water near your home. The landscape design is up to you. We are always trying to innovate while keeping up the landscape architect trends of 2017. Along the walkways, you may want to use landscape lighting the runs along the pathway up to your home. We can do all these features without hesitation.

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If you are looking to keep your home’s lawn looking up to date but, just requesting a quick refreshing tree trimming or so that the branches don’t hang so low or if you need help mowing the lawn because you are busy with a day job. Tree removal is also a great option if you are having troubles a tree stump interfering with underground pipes and structures. Tree care can be a beastly task to manage. Getting a team who is well prepared to take care of all aspects of tree care and landscaping can be such a benefit for a homeowner. Without a doubt, we are the team to call when it comes to landscape service in North Atlanta Georgia. Get quality masonry services or ornamental landscape design services for any home or business in Georgia. We also service water irrigation systems that can manage gardening and grass watering.

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Call Dream Greener Today (404) 476-5942 !

We offer a variety of lawn care and landscaping services that you can utilize as needed. Our lawn care services include:


  •  Pruing
  •  Leaf Removal
  •  Pine Straw Installation
  •  Mulching Services
  •  Yard Clean Ups
  •  Plant and Tree Installations
  • Flower Bed Renovations
  • Landscape Irrigation Installations
  • Lawn Aerating and Re-seeding.
  • Your landscape services list might include:


  • Water features
  • Outdoor fireplace or fire pit
  • Bancos (stuccoed or moss rock with flagstone cap)
  • Lattice or Solid roof shade structure
  • Retaining walls of all kinds
  • Courtyard wall with custom gate
  • Pavestone, brick or flagstone patio and walk
  •  Stone or redwood bench
  •  New driveway
  •  Beautiful and dependable trees and plants
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Landscape Design Near Me

Spending your weekends mowing, weeding, edging, mowing some more, trimming hedges, pruning, wrestling with all the lawn tools & pest is just not how you need to spend your time to have a great lawn. Dream Greener can ease this experience of landscaping.

Since 1998, Dream Greener Landscape Services has beeing working to concert yards like yours into a backyard paradise most could only dream of. As a professional landscape company, we are proud to provide professional landscaping, lawn maintenance, irrigation repair and installation, and retaining wall installation services all around the local towns of Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Milton, Cumming, Suwanee, and Norcross. If you are looking for a service to install sprinkler systems in Suwanee or irrigation repair in Suwanee, then we are the local landscapers with an affordable rate and best landscaping services in Georgia.

At Dream Greener Landscape, Brian has a degree in horticulture and has a credible amount of experience to show for, as a landscaper with a passion for producing healthy, beautiful yards. We pride ourselves on our vast knowledge and experience when it comes to creating yards of paradise.

After a storm, call Dream Greener Landscape to clean up the mess and restore your yard to “amazing” status! We’ll help you keep your yard in order. Call today, and let’s get started.


Landscaping Services You Can Trust! 

Whatever your needs, we provide the full range of landscaping services in Johns Creek from designing, building, and maintenance.

Time to get lawn care that looks amazing!

Get the landscapers you can trust.