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Dream Greener Landscapes are the trusted and experienced contractors and builders of retaining walls. When you’re thinking about garden containment or simply a highlight for your yard, retaining walls make a wonderful addition to your yard.

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Whether you need a retaining wall for practical purposes or just to bring a dramatic decorative element to your landscape, at Dream Greener have the skills to design and install the right retaining wall which will perfectly suit your landscape. If you ask any landscaper, they’ll tell you that there are a lot of factors, including the soil type, the slope of the landscape, the purpose of the wall that is important to consider when deciding on the right type of retaining wall for a given landscape. We’ll help guide you to the right decision for your yard.

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A well designed retaining wall will hold the soil behind it, bear the load of any pathways above it, prevent soil erosion, resist water pressure and at the same time look good and help beautify the landscape. Dream Greener Landscape is proud to provide top-notch retaining wall design and installation services for local homeowners. We evaluate your landscape and check the type of soil, the elevation, and the load factors, and then design the retaining wall that will be most practical for your purpose and will compliment your landscape. We do the math behind great looking retaining walls. Depending on the purpose, and the final look to be achieved, we advise the use of the right stone or timber to construct your retaining walls.

Our landscapers have put in retaining walls all around Atlanta but especially near our location in Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Suwanee, Norcross, Milton, and Cumming. We keep ourselves updated with the latest building codes and regulations in the state of Georgia so that your retaining walls not only look good but also meet all the local rules and regulations. We guarantee complete satisfaction and peace of mind to our customers. So, next time you’re thinking about a retaining wall for your yard, don’t ask Siri, “where’s a good landscaper near me?” Just call Dream Greener Landscape. We’ll take good care of you!

The Perfect Retaining Walls

Our contractors know what kind of retaining wall is suitable for the type of soil in your garden or landscape. We know what material, whether timber or stacked stone, will look good on your landscape.

We understand load factors, soil erosion, water pressure and other natural factors that will affect the durability of your retaining wall. We depend on our satisfied customers to recommend us to their family and friends. We assure you of the best retaining wall design and building services and will make sure your retaining walls are the cynosure of all eyes in your neighborhood.

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Dream Greener Landscape retaining walls are second to none in design, appearance, and effectiveness. One of the most challenging problems for any homeowner is dealing with sloping yards or difficult terrain. Each custom built wall is constructed to meet the specifications necessary to your property. 

One of the most important aspects when building a retaining wall is erosion control and slope stabilization.  This is something that needs to be done prior to you starting to actually build the retaining wall and in the following article, we will help with information regarding this subject.or be incorporated as part of a full landscape installation. 

  • A retaining wall is always a good defense in any storm because it channels the wind around your house
  • A retaining wall helps shape the landscape in your back garden (effectively, it helps you make two different levels for your garden)
  • It even helps if the soil in your back garden keeps falling each time it rains
  • It always a very good addition to that perfect backyard that you have dreamed about

A retaining wall from Dream Greener will surely prove an important investment in all areas. It both protects your other belongings and the price of the house increases, should you want to sell it later on. In fact, there are a lot of people specifically asking for a house with a retaining wall already built or at least in the making.Dream Greener Landscape has the solution

We can help design solutions that are simultaneously attractive and practical and fully integrated into your landscape design. We offer a variety of elements such as:

  • Poured concrete
  • Limestone
  • Keystone
  • Leveling
  • Pavestone
  • Stone walls
  • Brick walls
  • Wood walls

There is no reason to wait. Call us today at (404) 476-5942 or fill our Free Evaluation and Estimate form. Dream Greener Landscaping Company provides quality services for all your landscaping needs.

Irrigation System

We are proud to provide dependable and affordable irrigation repair and sprinkler installation services in Johns Creek and the surrounding areas. We have happy customers in Cumming, Alpharetta, Suwanee, and Milton.

Irrigation Johns Creek, sprinkler system Johns Creek

When it comes to brutal summers here in Atlanta, it’s essential to keep your lawn watered appropriately, but no one likes to drag the hose around and set everything up only to have to go out and do it all over again. That’s why the landscapers at Dream Greener are ready to help you by installing an irrigation system that lets you reduce the hassle to a turn of the knob.

We’ll set up your sprinkler system so your yard is completely watered. You’ll begin to notice a difference almost immediately. We can even set you up on a timer so that your knob turning days are over. Just set it and forget it. We’ll help you reduce your watering chores to nothing.

 Irrigation Repair

Irrigation Johns Creek, sprinkler system Suwanee

A broken irrigation system can ruin your beautiful landscape, and waste precious water. Keeping your sprinkler system in top shape will ensure your lawn stays lush and is the envy of your neighbors in Johns Creek.

Whether you are looking for sprinkler system installation, irrigation system repair, landscape designing or lawn care services, we have expert technicians who will meet your needs and surpass your expectations. When you call Dream Greener Landscape, your lawn is in capable hands. We’re known for our outstanding customer service. Your irrigation system will get the dedicated and expert care that it needs.

If you are looking to install a new sprinkler system at your home, we are ready to make it happen. We have trained and dedicated landscapers who will look carefully at your yard and come up with the best and the most cost-effective solution for your need. We are prepared to answer all your questions and satisfy all your concerns. When it comes to affordable irrigation, call Dream Greener Landscape.

Sprinkler repairs and irrigation systems will bring your yard back to life, with our professional team of landscapers you will notice a difference when you use our services!

Irrigation And Landscaping

lawn care near me Johns Creek, landscapers near me Johns CreekIf you’ve looked around lately and seen the reasons why you’re not bringing home the “yard of the month” sign, it may be time to call in the professional landscapers. We’ll give you an honest assessment of your yard and work with you to develop a plan to bring it to life. From routine lawn care to full-scale landscape design, we are a full-service landscaping company headquartered in Johns Creek.

We’ve been making homeowners proud of their yard ever since the founder was 14 years old. Dream Greener Landscape has been in business since 1998 and we specialize in all aspects of landscaping, hardscaping and even patio installation. If you’re ready to turn your yard into the backyard paradise you deserve, give us a call. We’ll bring your yard to life and create “yard envy” in your neighbors.

Finally, If you are looking for reliable and expert irrigation system repair services or new sprinkler system installation services in Johns Creek, Give us a call today at (404) 476-5942 or fill our contact form and we will get back to you.

Dream Greener Landscape is dedicated to providing the best retaining wall building contractor services in the beautiful town of Alpharetta, GA.

Our experts will visit your site into understanding your requirements, study the type of soil on your land, and suggest the best retaining walls in Alpharetta, GA, that will not only look good on your landscape but will also be practical and durable.

Get The Best Retaining Walls in Georgia

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Dream Greener Landscape is the trusted and experienced contractors who build retaining walls all around Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Suwanee, Milton, Norcross, and Cumming.

It doesn’t matter if you need a retaining wall for practical purposes, or just to make your yard and home that much more appealing, our landscapers will do whatever it takes to build you the perfect retaining wall for any sized yard and budget. Our landscapers understand that there are an endless amount of factors, from soil type to slope, that is accounted for when installing a retaining wall. Rather than try to measure all of these factors on your own, choose the safe and hassle-free option by giving Dream Greener Landscape a call today at (404) 476-5942 or fill our Free Evaluation and Estimate form.

Retaining Walls Designed By Landscapers

A well-built retaining wall must first be well designed. Our landscapers take the time and steps necessary to ensure that your home or business is as practical and beautiful as ever. Your retaining wall will be able to hold the soil behind it, bear the weight of any and all objects above it, and also be able to support the additional water pressure behind it following any rain. Obviously, we guarantee that your retaining wall will be the first and the last retaining wall that you’ll ever need. We strive to provide top-notch customer service to all our clients from the very first phone call.  We have installed hundreds of retaining walls around Milton, so we have the experience you need. Ask any of our clients, we do it right: the first time.

Dream Greener landscape prides itself on staying up to date with the latest building codes and laws so that your wall will not only look good but also meet all the rules and regulations in your area. It’s just one more way that we give guaranteed satisfaction and hassle-free service to each and every client. Call us and let’s get started with your retaining wall today!

Dream Greener Landscaping Company provides quality services for all your landscaping needs.