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Dream Greener Landscape was founded in 1998 by Brian Sleeth, a trained Horticulturist from the Lanier Technical College, and a lifelong landscaping enthusiast.

Horticulture has fascinated Brian, Dream Greener’s founder, as long as he can remember. From the time he where he began to walk, he spent his time outdoors collecting “specialmens” (as he called them). As he got older, his interest in taxonomy grew into an obsession: he knew he’d found his life’s calling. Brian has been landscaping since he was 12 years old, and he is an expert with landscaping, lawn care, irrigation installation & repair, masonry, and retaining walls.

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Wanting to get his hands dirty, Brian started Dream Greener Landscape, specializing in creating beautiful landscapes for the next generation of “special-men” collectors.

Brian and his team at Dream Greener Landscape are proud to serve the business and homeowners in the cities of Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Cumming, Suwanee, Milton and Norcross.

Since the creation of Dream Greener Landscape, Brian and his team have embarked on many fun and exciting projects including irrigation installation and repair, stone and brick work for walls and patios, sod installation, grading, drainage, lawn maintenance, and of course drawing landscape plans and then installing the plants. Brian’s favorite things to do are irrigation repair and masonry work, as well as drainage.  Irrigation is rewarding to Brian since he knows that the plants he installs cannot fully thrive without a properly working irrigation system.  If asked what he enjoys most about being a part of a job that involves masonry work he will say its the gratification of seeing something built right before your eyes.

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Last but certainly not least is drainage systems.  Brian believes that drainage is an important part of so many properties and that he has the knowledge and ability to save homeowners headaches and money by properly draining water away from homes.  Lets not forget to mention the very important lawn maintenance programs that Dream Greener Landscape offers.

Brian and his team will not just come “mow” your lawn but they actually take care of your property by practicing PMP’s or proper management practices.  Many factors play into these proper management practices like the height at which the grass is mowed.  See Bermuda grass for instance likes to be mowed short. However, there are times of the year and after heavy fertilization in which the grass is mowed slightly higher.  Brian’s team is aware of all these factors and pay close attention to detail so as to ensure the happiest grass there can be.  There is also a proper way to irrigate your grass and plants and different grass and plants require differing amounts of water.  Brian can set irrigation to run so as to grow deep healthy roots versus shallow unhealthy ones.

Something that sets Brian apart is that he recently decided to go back to school to earn an associates degree in Horticultural sciences.  Brian believes that by doing this he will better serve his customers needs.  Brian has taken exciting classes such as plant biology and greenhouse growing.  With this extended knowledge Brian hopes to offer even more services to his ever growing client list.

So for all of your landscaping or lawn maintenance needs, call Brian with Dream Greener Landscape.  He will take care of your irrigation, landscape, drainage, masonry, and lawn grass as if it were his own.  Thank you in advance to all of the loyal clients of Dream Greener Landscape.

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