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Hardscaping takes hard work and determination to get the job right. Failing to meet hardscaping expectations can result in a poorly kept lawn or yard. Hiring a professional hardscape company for the purpose of hardscape design can and will yield tremendous results. Dream Greener hardscape company is the best of many hardscaping companies in the metro Atlanta area. We provide both lawn care and hardscape design, and we treat every client’s yard with care and precision as if it were our own. Our goal is to turn any yard or business into a lush paradise that is both aesthetically pleasing and can increase resale value. The creativity and consistent layout of our designs will leave strangers speechless and neighbors envious. We strive to build designs that cater to each and every need that the client may have.

Affordable Home Hardscape

Hardscaping is a masterful and necessary art that gives any home a nice touch. When investing in hardscape for your home, it’s very important to choose the best hardscaping and lawn care company to make sure the job is done and the job is done right. We understand how to maximize the beauty in your yard while minimizing the cost. We understand the ways of nature, so we implement a different strategy with each and every house so that every yard feels like a dream paradise. We have the best hardscape deign team in the entire Atlanta and metro Atlanta area. The low cost of hiring Dream Greener as your hardscape design company is always well worth the end result. Here are some of the many hardscaping designs and installation services we offer.

  • Garden and flower plots
  • Tree and sapling implantation
  • Walkways/pathways
  • Structure/wall development
  • Clearing debris
  • Pond and fountain installation
  • Lighting Installation
  • Ornament and décor installation
  • Mulch/Pine Straw bed installation

Hardscape Design Experts in Cumming Georgia

Quality hardscape design and installation will awe and impress neighbors and any HOA community. With the right hardscape design company, your investment will pay off due to not only the joy you get from a beautiful yard or business but also the increased value of your property. A landscape company like Dream Greener is the best way to get everything you need from hardscape design to the best lawn care in not only Cumming but the state of Georgia, too. In today’s world, taking care and maintaining a yard and lawn can be a huge hassle, and in some cases, more time than one can afford. For all of your landscaping needs, big or small, call us at Dream Greener today!

Quality Hardscaping in Alpharetta That Is Trustworthy

Landscaping is just the beginning to creating the blooming backyard you always dreamed about. At Dream Greener, we offer high-quality hardscaping to complement your beautiful surrounding landscaping.

Hardscaping is the design and construction of non-living elements within your garden. For example, retaining walls, fire pits, patios, etc. are all great examples of common hardscaping structures that assist in improving the appearance and functionality of your garden.

Hardscaping and Landscaping in Johnscreek, Alpharetta Georgia

Oftentimes, the creativity of outdoor renovation tends to stop at landscaping. However, hardscaping provides a charming and precise component that can dually serve as a recreational or gathering area.

For example, fire pits provide an excellent opportunity to gather with friends or family for a few hours and enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors. Similarly, elegantly uniform stone patios offer a wonderful area to furnish and design to your taste, creating an aesthetically relaxing area to unwind after a long day. Alongside the functionality of hardscaping structures, the additional allure that these stylish constructions provide will make you fall in love with nature all over again. Combining the beauty of flourishing vegetation and charm of hardscaping, your backyard will become your new favorite spot.

Personalizing Your Design

Here at Dream Greener, we provide a variety of materials that allows you to customize each design to your specific needs and desires. Commonly used hardscaping materials include:

  • Wood

  • Stone

  • Metal

  • Brick

  • Rock

  • Concrete

Many other materials in addition to those listed above are available for a personalized style that suits you.

Hardscaping That You Can Afford In Alpharetta

Our contractors at Dream Greener are skilled and readily available to help you in creating your idealized outdoor space. Whether you have a prepared layout or are in need of professional help in efficiently planning your design, our skilled contractors are at your disposal to ensure the completion of the quality renovations you desire. If needed, professional advice and suggestions for properly and efficiently renovating your space are always available to you with a happy attitude.

We are proud to provide trustworthy contractors that get the job done quickly and efficiently. Along with the advanced skills of these contractors, high-quality materials ensure client satisfaction with the structures built to accommodate your style and needs.

Construction Time

Depending upon a variety of factors such as the amount of work needed, the material being used, and the area in which you plan to have built upon, the amount of time required to complete a project may vary. Here at Dream Greener, we ensure the completion of projects within a timely manner and guaranteed quality work as well.

Project Pricing

Similarly to the time required to complete a project, the cost of hardscaping varies depending on many factors such as:

  • Amount of work needed

  • Material

  • Area of construction

  • Square footage of required work

Although prices may vary due to a project unique to each client, we at Dream Greener assure quality work at an affordable cost. Call us today at (404) 476-5942 for a free quote to begin your hardscaping renovations!