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Dream Greener Landscape was founded in 1998 by Brian Sleeth, a trained Horticulturist from the Lanier Technical College, and a lifelong landscaping enthusiast.

Horticulture has fascinated Brian, Dream Greener’s founder, as long as he can remember. From the time he where he began to walk, he spent his time outdoors collecting “specimens” (as he called them). As he got older, his interest in taxonomy grew into an obsession: he knew he’d found his life’s calling. Brian has been landscaping since he was 12 years old, and he is an expert in landscaping, lawn care, irrigation installation & repair, masonry, and retaining walls.

Wanting to get his hands dirty, Brian started Dream Greener Landscape, specializing in creating beautiful landscapes for the next generation of “special-men” collectors.

Brian and his team at Dream Greener Landscape are proud to serve the business and homeowners in the cities of Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Cumming, Suwanee, Milton and Norcross.

Since the creation of Dream Greener Landscape, Brian and his team have embarked on many fun and exciting projects including irrigation installation and repair, stone and brickwork for walls and patios, sod installation, grading, drainage, lawn maintenance, and of course drawing landscape plans and then installing the plants. Brian’s favorite things to do are irrigation repair and masonry work, as well as drainage.  Irrigation is rewarding to Brian since he knows that the plants he installs cannot fully thrive without a properly working irrigation system.  If asked what he enjoys most about being a part of a job that involves masonry work he will say its the gratification of seeing something built right before your eyes.

“Dream Greener did a great job with the recent cleanup of our front lawn, which included removing some overgrown plantings that were nearly 20 years old. We'll definitely call on them again the next time we're ready to tackle a large landscaping project!.”
Mike Barnhouse

Local Landscapers Giving You The Best Lawn Care In Atlanta

Brian and his team will not just come “mow” your lawn but they actually take care of your property by practicing PMP’s or proper management practices. Many factors play into these proper management practices like the height at which the grass is mowed.  See Bermuda grass, for instance, likes to be mowed short. However, there are times of the year and after heavy fertilization in which the grass is mowed slightly higher.  Brian’s team is aware of all these factors and pay close attention to detail so as to ensure the happiest grass there can be.  There is also a proper way to irrigate your grass and plants and different grass and plants require different amounts of water.  Brian can set irrigation to run so as to grow deep healthy roots versus shallow unhealthy ones.

Something that sets Brian apart is that he recently decided to go back to school to earn an associates degree in Horticultural sciences.  Brian believes that by doing this he will better serve his customer’s needs.  Brian has taken exciting classes such as plant biology and greenhouse growing.  With this extended knowledge, Brian hopes to offer even more services to his ever-growing client list.

So for all of your landscaping or lawn maintenance needs, call Brian with Dream Greener Landscape.  He will take care of your irrigation, landscape, drainage, masonry, and lawn as if it were his own.  Thank you in advance to all of the loyal clients of Dream Greener Landscape.

Tired of mowing, weeding, edging, MOWING, trimming, pruning, cleaning, cussing and complaining? It’s your lucky day because Dream Greener Landscape can fix all of that. Call us now and you are guaranteed to have your weekends back! Dream Greener Landscape is proud to provide professional services since 1998 and will continue to do so. Call us today at (404)-476-5942 for a Free Assessment and we will provide you the high-quality work and precision tree care.

Tree Pruning
Weed Treatment
Turf Treatment

Why prune your trees

Pruning is basically like cutting your tree’s hair, it makes them look better while enhancing their health. Pruning is essential to keeping your trees healthy. Dead branches should be removed from the tree to avoid accidents. These dead or even dying branches fall really easily even in ideal weather conditions and especially when there are high winds and severe storms. With the right technique, tree pruning will make the roots stronger which means the tree is stronger and will be able to handle harsher storms. It not only promotes plant health but also maintains and improves plant appearance.

A well-groomed, manicured, and healthy lawn can uplift up your home. But it is not easy keeping your lawn looking its best all year round. It takes a lot of work, timing, mulching, mowing, weeding, aeration, edging, and cleaning up. Though in the end, it will leave your lawn looking so beautiful. Our experts will guarantee to leave you satisfied with your brand new lawn.

Our Service Area

Fulton County holds the suburban cities of Johns Creek, Suwanee, Roswell, Milton & Alpharetta. With a population of 80,000, Johns Creek is regarded as one of the best cities to live in nationwide. In the 19th century, Europeans colonized this region and established trading posts where Rogers, McGinnis, Findley, Buice, Cowart, Medlock family communities would come together to sell and trade crops & livestock. These family communities brought a sense of individuality to this area as well as Roswell, Alpharetta, Duluth & Suwanee. Today, the area is bustling with new and well-established business and some of the most beautiful homes in Atlanta.

Proud Landscapers For Johns Creek & Beyond!

We’re thrilled to be the Lifestyle Magazine Reader’s Choice winners for Johns Creek for 2017! Thank you! We’re just doing our part to keep your homes and yards looking good!

Affordable Landscapers

Our goal is to be the best in the landscaping industry. To make this happen, we offer a variety of landscape services beyond landscape design. We also provide basic lawn care as well as hardscaping and even irrigation installation. Need a sprinkler system put in your yard? We’re the ones to call.

Ready to create the yard of your dreams? Call us today and let’s get started!

Landscaping, Lawn Care & More

When you’re ready to have the perfect yard, you’re ready to call Dream Greener Landscape. Let us help you design and maintain the yard of your dreams.

Lawn Care Storm Cleanup 

After rough weather and tiresome storms, your yards will look a mess. With every service and every job, we take into account things other landscaping companies don’t often think of. We’re ready to meet the challenges of the growing concerns about the environment, water shortages, and tight budgets. These issues are considered in how we approach every job. We believe it’s what helps us maintain our reputation for high quality and customer satisfaction.

Lawn Care Services You’ll Love!

When it comes to making your yard look great, look no further than the landscapers at Dream Greener Landscape. Since 1998, we’ve been working with business and homeowners around Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton, Cumming & Suwanee to make them proud of their yards again.

SOD Installations

Every yard has a lifespan. When your yard reaches the point of no return, let our landscapers help you create a brand new yard with sod installation.

By installing sod, you’ll have a fresh start and brand new yard in as little as a day. Your neighbors will come home from work and be amazed! Call us if you need us to install sod in your yard.


Let Dream Greener install hardscapes in your backyard. We’ll do everything from patio installation to installing a walking path through your yard. Let our landscapers help you design and create the yard of your dreams. 

Retaining Wall Installations

From all necessary landscaping changes to a remedy for severe irrigation drainage issues to creating a landscape for the residential house that provides a shaded pave stone landscape space, or replacing a large lawn with low-water use plants to qualify for a city rebate, Dream Greener has the experience to complete any landscaping project. When you want landscape design and installation, give us a call. We do it all. As a design/build company, Dream Greener landscape design team and landscape construction crews work to raise the time of all installation landscape projects.

We offer a variety of lawn care and landscaping services that you can utilize as needed. Our lawn care services include:


  •  Pruing
  •  Leaf Removal
  •  Pine Straw Installation
  •  Mulching Services
  •  Yard Clean Ups
  •  Plant and Tree Installations
  • Flower Bed Renovations
  • Landscape Irrigation Installations
  • Lawn Aerating and Re-seeding.
  • Your landscape services list might include:


  • Water features
  • Outdoor fireplace or fire pit
  • Bancos (stuccoed or moss rock with flagstone cap)
  • Lattice or Solid roof shade structure
  • Retaining walls of all kinds
  • Courtyard wall with custom gate
  • Pavestone, brick or flagstone patio and walk
  •  Stone or redwood bench
  •  New driveway
  •  Beautiful and dependable trees and plants
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Considering the growth and growing lawns around your home, maybe it is time to clean up the place and get quality workmanship with full-service landscaping and gardening. Our landscape designers are able to get your home looking fresh and impressive so you can enjoy your garden, lawn, patio, walkways and so much more! Our team of landscape managers will work to service multiple facets of landscape features. Planting beautiful green trees, vibrant flowers, gardening horticulture systems, or pruning currently planted trees and bushes are some of the services we provide. We also service mulch and turf management so you can enjoy the yard the way you planned it.  We work on hardscaping feature as well! A lawn is nice but walking through the tall grass or dragging your feet through the weeds can damage the design of a landscape. Get beautiful walkways that help you to travel a path from the road to the front door. Maybe along the walkway, you would like to have an elegant water feature such as a pond or water fountain that flows from a body of water near your home. The landscape design is up to you. We are always trying to innovate while keeping up the landscape architect trends of 2017. Along the walkways, you may want to use landscape lighting the runs along the pathway up to your home. We can do all these features without hesitation.

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If you are looking to keep your home’s lawn looking up to date but, just requesting a quick refreshing tree trimming or so that the branches don’t hang so low or if you need help mowing the lawn because you are busy with a day job. Tree removal is also a great option if you are having troubles a tree stump interfering with underground pipes and structures. Tree care can be a beastly task to manage. Getting a team who is well prepared to take care of all aspects of tree care and landscaping can be such a benefit for a homeowner. Without a doubt, we are the team to call when it comes to landscape service in North Atlanta Georgia. Get quality masonry services or ornamental landscape design services for any home or business in Georgia. We also service water irrigation systems that can manage gardening and grass watering.

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Lawn care is something every homeowner should have. Lawn care shows a certain kind of respect toward to owning a home. Make your home one that the whole family can love.

We offer a variety of lawn care and landscaping services that you can utilize as needed.

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